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Wouldn’t you love to feel more confident and self-assured in your parenting?

Are you ready to take control and make changes to create the happy family environment you always dreamed of?

You may have imagined parenting to be filled with blissful bonding experiences and joyous moments with your child. But your parenting reality might be developing into something different from what you imagined…

  1. Perhaps you’re surprised by how easily your toddler or preschooler can push your buttons and leave you feeling out of control and/or filled with self-doubt.

  2. Perhaps you had a challenging upbringing yourself which leaves you pretty sure of what you don’t want to do as a parent but unsure of what to do to become the kind of parent you want to be.

  3. Perhaps you struggle to discipline effectively while still maintaining a loving, connected relationship with your child.

Are you overwhelmed trying to sort through lots of parenting advice and information?

Others give us parenting tips and tell us the “best” way to do things – our own parents, parenting books, other parents, pediatricians. It is a challenge to find your own confident parenting voice.

Dr. Kathleen Cuneo’s mission is to empower parents to find their own parenting voice and develop strong connections with their children. Kathleen, mother, licensed psychologist* and child development specialist, brings her own personal experience of raising three children and decades of experience working with children and their families to her parent coaching work. She is passionate about helping parents find their own way to raise confident and compassionate children – children who feel good about themselves, who can effectively face life’s challenges, and who care for others and the world in which they live.

If you are looking for more confidence in your experience as a parent and an empowering guide on your parenting journey, read on…

*in New York state

My time with Kathleen Cuneo was one I looked forward to each week. She had wonderful suggestions / ideas on how to help me deal with challenging situations when it came to my daughter. Kathleen was always extremely professional yet my comfort level was that of a friend - she did not judge me or my daughter, rather provided me with a level of support that I will always be grateful for.”

Pam, Suffern, NY

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